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10 Creative Christmas decoration ideas

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The time has come again when we officially count down the days for Christmas! There are only 21 days left to celebrate Christmas and it is the right time to perfect the decoration in our house!

We have all lowered the Christmas tree and filled a room with boxes of ornaments. It's time to make its appearance and decorate our living room! But surely several parts of your home are empty and you wonder how you will decorate them to make it unique!!

Whatever style you decide to give to your place either it's minimal or more maximalist, we give all the ideas to take it off this year!!

After all, every successful result requires effort and imagination and why not get away from the usual for once and make this year's Christmas unforgettable ..!

              If you do not try it now, when will you do it?

1. Christmas Calendars

Christmas calendar with Santa Claus and dates
Christmas calendar with Santa Claus!

From a young age I remember my mother decorating the doors of the house with Christmas calendars. She made them herself, hung them with a rope at the top of the door and added a peg to hang them on each passing day, counting down the days for Christmas!

Every single date had a custom pocket and she was putting chocolates inside them! This made me look forward more and more to each special day that came (of course to eat sweets also!) and to complete the diary until its last day!

This is now something I choose in order to decorate the doors in my own house!

2. Christmas cookies with sugar paste

Take out sugar and flour and start kneading Christmas cookies! Although not everyone has weaknesses in cooking. Fortunately there are many patisseries to get what you need!

Do not forget to just pierce them at the top, unless you find them already ready. This will be useful for you in the next step so that you can pass ribbons and ropes and use them for decoration (if you have not already eaten them!)

You can hang them on your tree, stick them on a garland to decorate your fireplace and shelves or decorate your plates! You choose where in your house you want to add a little magic !!

3. Wish table

A collection of wishes decorated appropriately always arouses interest. How much more so, if we are talking about a Christmas corner full of cards, lights, balls and a lot of love!

You have nothing more to do than to choose the part of your house that has been left empty and make it shine with Christmas "dust"! Get a set of Christmas wish cards, enrich them with some balls and candles and surround them with a series of lights.

Let the speakers play Christmas music and enjoy your tea! How much better can you welcome Christmas? 4. Maximal Christmas tree

There are many who have a lot of appetite to take off the decoration but their house is very small, with few surfaces and does not leave much room to create what they would like.

At this point I will tell you that you can have an equally impressive result in your small house, with any other large house!

Give all your attention to the tree and maximize it! Add more light bulbs to brighten and color the house. Fill it to the brim with large balls and ornaments and complete it with the biggest star!

It is certain that after this you will have no doubt about whether something is missing from the Christmas decoration of your home!

5. Invest in candles and wreaths

For lovers of minimal style, a favorite suggestion is wreaths and candles!!

Candlesticks and lanterns are an absolute trend for every corner of the house. Their refined result meets all expectations!

Compositions or individual candles can be placed on each piece of furniture.

Place the lanterns at the entrance, next to the fireplace and your favorite boudoir.

Prefer to hang a wreath over the fireplace and the interior doors and do not miss one in the main door of the house where you welcome the guests.

6. Ιlluminate the plants

Your plants in the house accompany you all year round. As you water them to maintain and beautify your space, so now do not skip to treat them accordingly!

Wrap with lights the pot or the foliage (or both of them) and decorate the leaves and their soil with balls and ornaments.

The smallest ones on your table, place them on a beautiful tray with candles and balls.

7. Christmas village

For you that you are not satisfied with the usual and simple things, I have to suggest you to bring the ''Christmas village'' to your home!

Dedicate a corner to dress it completely Christmas!

Make a village of many lighted houses and dolls, with artificial snow and small trees. Make it reminiscent of a small community at Christmas time! You can use anything you dig up from your childhood and whatever you find in the market that you like!

We all have memories and images from such a brightly decorated model either in miniature or from the real world.

The only sure thing is that you will not be able to take your eyes off it!!


8. Wall trees

A very creative and alternative new trend is the decoration of a Christmas tree on the wall! It is something like a 3D painting but with real branches and ornaments. You can either make it yourself with whatever inspiration comes to your mind or buy it ready-made and just hang it on your wall.

Many people choose to decorate this type of tree instead of the regular one. As a trend it is considered very minimal and creative and has now got in more homes.

It can stand on any wall of the house that you consider to be quite spectacular and impressive.