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Decoration with red "touches"!

The "red" color has always symbolized fire and vital energy. It is a strong color that is identified with love and passion! Whether you like to provoke or not, a red touch or a feast of red color is always explosive and magnetizes everyone's eyes!

Usually people who are introverted avoid bright colors in their lives, so they consider red to be forbidden. However, they may have changed their minds by looking at different ways of using it below in this article.

Surely you have wondered many times where and how you could include the color red in your daily life and how not to overdo it.

The following tips will help you decorate your house "red":

1) The red color on the doors:

According to Feng Shui, the front door is very important and is the point from where the house receives energy. Give a strong tone to the front door of your house, preferring the red one to enliven the external form and aura of your space. This is how you welcome positive energy with your entry.

Usually the front door is in some color of wood or black. The idea of ​​a red door is strange. But believe me you will make a difference! Choose the right shade of red from a wide range of shades, based on the rest of the exterior color of the house. You can choose a shade between rose red, reddish brown, dark red, light red, pottery red and many more.

Change the color of the interior doors of the house and the balcony door. It is now quite common to paint the doors inside the house in intense shades of red, especially if the white color prevails in our house. Choose a strawberry red to highlight all the decoration of the house and to fill you with energy when you are in your living room...!

Alternatively, match a dark brown red to emphasize the timelessness of your furniture. If the walls of your house are painted in bright colors, choose a softer red for the doors to match harmoniously.

2) The red color on the walls:

Red in the living room

The easiest and most economical way to transform your wall is with a brush and a little paint. Choose the wall you want to make eccentric in any room of your house and make the change! Decorate your living room with an aristocratic red color behind your sofa!The color palette of each room will be determined based on red.

Tip: Combine the red wall in your living room with gold details to take it off!

Red in the bedroom

The red color in the bedroom evokes the sensations and emits warmth. Usually the wall behind the gallows is the one that comes out best with a red tint. Fill in some frames to upgrade the passion of this space.

Red in the kitchen

The kitchen is the room in the house where you spend several hours during the day. There we cook, eat and drink our coffee. So what better way than a living kitchen that would be nice to be there? Light up your light colored cabinets and renew them with a red background.

Who would say "no" to a delicious breakfast in this kitchen ..?

Tip: Prefer red walls more in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom and living room and less in the children's room and bathroom.

3) The red color on the furniture:

If you are tired of the idea of ​​painting your wall red, no problem, give your space the right details to love it !! A red sofa always remains timeless and is the special element in your living room. Decorate it even more with red armchairs or alternatively a dark red table. The red furniture works properly with all shades. For a more impressive result, we use red furniture in combination with metallic and shiny objects.

Dare the red elements, as you can see, all the spaces appear perfectly.

4) The red color in the decorations:

Finally, if all of the above seem too much for your character, you can just prefer to add some decorative touches to the parts of your house that have been left more empty.

We usually neglect the coffee table in our living room, leaving on it a remote control, our keys and the magazine we read last night. Instead, he preferred to decorate it with a red platter of scented candles and a red vase of roses. Of course it is not only that ..

Decorate your bedroom nightstand with a red table lamp or a red candlestick.

Turn the decorations in your bathroom into a red feast to enliven the place.

Dress the walls with paintings in red shades and wear red covers with beautiful designs on your sofa and pillows.

Do not be afraid to give "red" live in your home! After all, there are endless ways to achieve it, that will transform it and you will love them!

Tip: If you feel ready for this change, this is the right time to welcome Christmas though.. !!!

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