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Did 'pomegranate' left over from the New Year's Eve? / DIY creations!


Pomegranate is a dominant ingredient especially during the holiday season, Christmas and New Year and has many properties for use.

With the coming of the new year (Happy New Year !!!), you realize that there are enough pomegranates left from the last table of 2020.

After many preparations, a beautiful dinner and plenty of delicacies, the pomegranates are still circulating in the house as not everything was needed!

So as you can see, in this article we will present the smartest ideas to use the pomegranates in the right way!

Decorate the house

Place the pomegranates in a decorative container and decorate with bulbs!

Make a composition on the kitchen counter from orange, pomegranates and a decorative candle!

Grab a beautiful vase and decorate it with pomegranates and pine cones! Absolutely winter trend for your table's decoration!

Pomegranates, pine cones and GOLD!
Make such a beautiful disk on your living room table!

Transform them into a Face Mask

I have the perfect recipe for a diy mask for you to make your face shine!


-Υou will only need the seeds of a pomegranate and a tablespoon of honey!

Step 1: Throw the seeds in a blender and mix well until it becomes a homogeneous mixture.

Step 2: Add the honey and mix well again.

That's it!!

-Apply it on a clean and dry face, let it do its 'magic' for about half an hour and finally rinse with lukewarm water and a towel!

TIP: Add your moisturizers for more radiant and hydrated skin!

Detoxification from natural juices

Natural pomegranate juice has emerged as one of the most antioxidant and tonic for our body!


So if you want to try its wonderful taste and the benefits it provides, follow the simple steps below!

-Open a pomegranate and separated its spores from the skin.

-Place the spores in a transparent polybag bag and close it with the zipper.

- Take a forger and press the bag with its contents until the spores melt.

-Finally strain the juice that has been created in a glass!

That's it!! Enjoy!!


TIP: You can use more pomegranates and make a larger quantity so that you can store it in the freezer and when you have an appetite for some fresh juice it is ready !!!

Pomegranate jar

In the same way that you made the juice, you can also make pomegranate jam!


-Use the juice you have already prepared and boil it with a little sugar in a saucepan for about 20 minutes.

-Add some seeds from another pomegranate to the pot and cook for another 20 minutes or until it becomes a little thick and takes the form of jam.

-Finally let it cool a bit and store in a glass jar!

It is ready to enjoy in your breakfast!


Sweet pomegranate

Ready for a pomegranate dessert?

I reveal you the easiest and fastest recipe for a cool pomegranate dessert!!


You will need only one pomegranate, some nuts, half yogurt and optionally some fruit of your choice.

-Put the nuts in a bowl, cover with yogurt and add the pomegranate seeds!

-Mix and add some nuts on top. Ιf you want you can add some fruit for extra taste and especially for decoration!

You will love it!!

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An article for the after-Christmas home decoration is coming up! DO NOT MISS IT!!!

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