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Dreamy New Year's Eve desserts!

Surely by the time you read this article you have already started the preparations for the New Year's Eve! And of course you could not miss the festive 'Royal pie'!

In Greece it is the main dessert of the first day of the year and it is said that it brings good luck!

Whoever finds the coin inside his piece will be lucky for the whole year!!

Its name has been characterized in various ways since the methods of its implementation vary! It is called as 'King cake', Santa pie', 'Sugarplum pie' and the most common 'Christmas cake'.

A classic Royal pie could be considered as a cake with lots and lots of icing sugar!

But that is not enough to make her the protagonist of New Year.

Whatever you call it, all you will need to prepare it is a few materials and enough time to decorate it.

But what could be more beautiful than a Sweet King decorating your dining room?

Below I have gathered some original ideas, which I prefer for this year's Royal pie and also various sweets that will decorate your table that day :


Chocolate is the sweetest ingredient and the preferred flavor for most! In my opinion this cake is the most beautiful! Grab just a few kit-kat and dress your Royal pie for a unique chocolate paradise !!


A white winter cake on your table looks beautiful! Create a winter landscape from fir, bears and pine cones!


A very original idea is to prepare a Christmas sweet bread instead of cake!

Fill it with dried grapes and fruits and surround it with white icing! Be sure that it will be the most delicious dessert you have ever eaten !!


Another Christmas chocolate cake filled with Christmas decorations, fruit and raspberries and wrapped in icing!

Another fairytale sweet in the shape of a roll filled with a mix of cream and chocolate for all tastes and decorated with Santa Clauses, twigs, nuts and chocolate truffle! It is what you need, for the festive table!

The cake ball is a very easy and at the same time beautiful idea!

Its recipe is as simple as a cake but with the difference that its shape is in the shape of a hemisphere, or otherwise half a ball!

Do not forget to sprinkle it with plenty of powdered sugar at the end and that's it!!


The most spectacular cake as its appearance reminds of a gift!

It consists of several levels and stands out for its height! The coating is all white and decorated with fruit in the shape of Christmas ornaments and a ribbon of sugar paste on its top!


A dessert that can stand on any festive occasion!

Proven with sure success, this cake consists of many layers of chocolate and caramel and is filled inside and on top with nuts!

Do not forget to sprinkle it with plenty of cocoa at the end!

Its taste is irresistible !!


The Christmas village!

It is an easy recipe as its base is a classic cake.

Its impressive element is the houses made of sugar paste, but with so many recipes that are circulating, you will surely find one that suits you!

 Some recipes use gingerbread


The perfect GINGERBREAD!

It wins the Christmas 'prize' since it is undoubtedly the most impressive sweet! It can decorate just as perfectly with the table, every corner of the house! It is for sure a masterpiece!
Its disadvantage is that you are sorry to eat it ..!


A cherry pie always emits Christmas scents!

A beautifully decorated pie filled with fragrant cherry jam and full of powdered sugar!

That's a great dessert for the New Year's Eve's table!

Who will eat first?


A wonderful dessert with coffee and coconut flavor! It is filled with dried fruits and decorated with savoy biscuits and powdered sugar! Definitely reminiscent of something from France.

Decorate it with every Santa-Claus and bells that have left over!


A different cake that looks incredibly like a bouquet !!

Dressed in red and with cookies that smell good instead of flowers!

An easy baked cake with plenty of chocolate mousse to stick the cookies well around!

It's so beautiful and the best for a Christmas gift!!

Certainly the production of a dessert takes time and the above ideas are not all equally easy.
Whatever you choose, Royal pie, dessert or a simpler cake, be sure that it is worth the effort to spend a little more this Christmas to impress yourself and decorate your home!!!

If you found these 'sweet' ideas useful and impressive, make sure you subscribe to 'The Decora Way' to be informed about every new creation !!

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