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How to decorate the Christmas table? 20 Fabulous ideas!


A few days before we celebrate Christmas and our house is full of festive mood! The tree adorns our living room aristocratically and the garlands 'dance' in every corner of the walls!

Is your table still empty?

-You will tell me, of course, that this year you are not expecting many guests ..

-And I will answer, that you do not decorate your table in Christmas style only for those days when you will make a table and wait for people to come .. You decorate it for you, to complete the rest of your holiday home and to renew your mood!!


Christmas and New Year's Eve are the most important days throughout the holidays!

Either you have to dress the table for the Christmas dinner or you just want to decorate it for your pleasure on the whole holidays, you only have to choose one of the most creative ideas!

1. Christmas living room table


We spent most of our time in our living room. We drink our coffee waking up and often eat our meal.

So why not give it a special Christmas design and make it's table the main one, since our guests will be counted for this year. It can be easily transformed into a dream table with a few but very intense decorations and a colored traverse!

2. Decorate with garlands


Give your table a minimal Christmas decor, only with some tall gold or metal candlesticks and a garland along the table fastened with a couple of white candles.

Accompany with transparent columnar glasses and pair them with thinner gold ones.

3. Lay black plates


If you are a fan of simple decoration, put a touch with black dishes spread on a white tablecloth and if you want something more, contrast with white candlesticks!

4. Play with colored tablecloths


Paint with a colored tablecloth! The color of Christmas is red but it is not the only choice.

 Try blue roua or gold !!

5. Golden details


Make the difference with golden details to highlight the luxury this Christmas!

Use gold cutlery, candlesticks, plates and whatever else you can think of.

6. Create different heights


Decorate your table with objects from different heights! Use low glasses with high candlesticks and play with corresponding proportions in the other utensils.

7. Natural flowers


Place a composition of natural flowers in the center of the table and highlight it with a colored traverse and Christmas napkins!

Tip: Prefer red or white roses!!!

8. Minimal decor


Give a minimal approach with minimal decorative elements and with the predominance of white color!

TIP: Use some books to pick up a decoration element!!

9. All red and green!


The combination of red and green gives absolutely the most Christmas effect!

Fullfil the whole table with decorations, napkins, tablecloth and ornaments all with RED and GREEN!

10. Metallic colored candles


Bring your table to life with a collection of metallic colored candles! Choose whick colour suits you and light it up!!

Suggested colors are red and gold!!

11. Snow table


Dress the table all in white! Lay a white festive tablecloth and fill it with white candles, decorations and sweets with white icing!

12. Handmade wreath


Create a handmade wreath with Christmas materials! Use oranges, pine cones and a row of bulbs and wrap them like a wreath in the center of the table!

13. Basket of Christmas balls

A wooden basket or a brown tray can become the most creative decoration for the table!

Enrich it with several balls and ornaments in the style of your Christmas tree and cover the perimeter with lights for more shine!

Put it in a corner of your table or in the center of it!

14. Fairytale Christmas table


Turn your table into a festive fairytale!

This decoration is dominated by pink and purple colours from the tablecloth and napkins to the candles and decorative elements.

15. Wooden Christmas


The element of wood brings nature one step closer to home.

Lay brown wicker placemats under the dishes and fill it with pine cones and transparent Christmas jars and candlesticks !

16. Let it SPARKLE!


Let the glitter shine since it is absolutely suitable for Christmas!

Dress it with a sparkling tablecloth and let the glittery decorations be the protagonists of those days!

17. Ethnik style table


Definitely my favorite of all decoration styles !!!

It not at all reminiscent of Christmas , but such a table decoration is completely festive!

Wood dominates and the combination of the largest color palette with harmonies!

18. The majesty of the chandelier

Decorate your table with one or more chandeliers, depending on its height and the size of the table. You can even combine some in different sizes and high!

19. Christmas chairs



After a festive decorated table, do not forget to do something Christmas on the chairs!

There are many ways to transform them. You can put a cover or hang an ornament on their back!

20. Light bulbs


Finally, do not forget to light your table with bulbs in order to create a festive atmosphere and bring the Christmas magic! Whatever you have created on it, give it extra shine with several rows of light bulbs!!!

Whatever idea you choose and even if you do nothing finally, the result will definitely be spectacular since Christmas is a bright holiday itself!!!

If you do like these Christmas ideas like and subscribe and comment ''how do you decorate your Christmas table?''!